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Fruitcakes Unbound Icons
Leah Clearwater (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn part 1)

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You know Harry Potter's favorite picture of his parents (We've seen it on the table beside his bed in the movies)? We'll I happened to find a link on twitter (which lead to the lyrics of "My Love is Always Here" the song Hermione and Harry hear from inside the church in Godric's Hollow in DH Part 1) and so I saw this picture and HAD to make icons

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Icons from above picture

1.Harry Potter,livejournal,icons,lily evans,lily potter,lily evans potter,james potter 2. Harry Potter,livejournal,icons,lily evans,lily potter,lily evans potter

3.Harry Potter,livejournal,icons,james potter 4.Harry Potter,livejournal,icons,james potter

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After running though a few pics through a "polaroid"-ish app on my iPod i turned some of my favorite pics into icons (I cropped them once they were sent to my PC) and so this is a small batch but I think it's lovely nonetheless. I may do a few more in the days to come. Ten icons in all look at tags for subjects.

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I know I've made icons similar to a few of these before but recently all thanks to deadbetty's screencaps I made a fresh batch. (Warning I am a Jesse fan, both book and movie, and it shows)

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So I've been writing a fic lately off and on (write two days, rest a day, write for a day or two...it's sporadic). But lately I've been scanning screencaps by deadbetty for Queen of the Damned icons. I can't say when they'll be finished but they're in the works. I'll probably fiish the part of my fic I've been working on first but who knows.

But at this moment I'm just scanning and collecting screencaps. Wish me luck on those icons! (Damn I gotta lay off the Plants vs. Zombies If I want to finish anything, heh.

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Right off the bat as you may or may not know, I'm not a twilight fan, at all. I'm not even really a fan of Kristen Stewart movies But there is something about the lead actors (Kristen, Rob and Taylor) that I definitely like. They all genuinely seem like (to me at least) so down to earth and nothing like they characters they portray (Big plus!) on the big screen.

I rather stumbled across a few very stunning photos of Kristen which inspired me to make this small batch of icons.

11 in all.

1.Kristen Stewart,livejournal,livejournal icons,icons,Nylon magazine,Nylon 2.Interview magazine,icons,Kristen Stewart,livejournal icons,livejournal,Interview 3.Kristen Stewart,livejournal,livejournal icons,Nylon magazine,Nylon

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1. The White Queen,Alice in Wonderland,Anne Hathaway,livejournal,icons 2. Emma,icons,livejournal,Gwyneth Paltrow,1996 3. Alice in Wonderland,Alice,livejournal,icons

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1.Pride and Prejudice,Mary Bennet,2005,livejournal,icons,Talulah Riley 2.Photobucket 3.Elizabeth Bennet,Pride and Prejudice,livejournal,icons,2005

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...and only one!

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